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How to Measure Your Belt Size

How to Choose Your Belt Size

How to Measure you belt size.jpg

Please measure the distance from the edge of your buckle to the hole that is used the most / shows the most wear for a belt that you are currently wearing. The second way is to get a tape measure and measure with your pants on through or over your belt loops because where you wear your pants, hips or waist can differ by 4 inches or more. That will be your belt measurement, the number I need to make your belt the correct length. The third and less accurate way is to add 2 inches to your pants size, however for me that won't work given that depending on the brand of pants, my size ranges from a 36 to a 40. Please use one of the first two methods of taking an actual measurement - it will help me to make your belt correctly, the first time. 

My belts have 7 holes, the belt I make for you will be the size you give me to the fourth hole / middle hole, thus a little room to grow during the holidays, as well as to shrink up for bikini or golf season!

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